We are now caught up in a work environment with generational gaps, cross-cultural employees and a strong dependence on teams to perform particular jobs. All of these factors greatly influence and are influenced by the use of new and existing technologies to increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

So why not take it into account when searching for the perfect job candidate? It’s already being done – people would argue- there are countless job boards available online! True, but why stop there when there are other tools available out there as well?

Long gone are the days when social media had little to no impact on finding the right candidate for the job. Social media tools are evolving at an amazing rate. Surveys estimate that people are spending 22% of their time on social media channels. Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that, in order to find the candidate that best fits the job, companies too must engage in what I like to call the “Social Media Fever”.

Internally, social media and the various media outlets allow employees to share company information, files, pictures and videos, as well as exchange ideas. Externally, it allows customers and potential candidates to share information, and ideas, and engage in dialogue with the company.

People want to talk and express themselves. Social media platforms are the perfect place to do so. Thus, forward thinking companies who join the conversation can create a positive online presence and are able to use social media tools to their advantage, particularly in recruiting.

The most relevant social media platforms today are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn is the leading professional social network. 93% of recruiters use it for hiring purposes and two new users join every second. In addition, 66% of recruiters use Facebook for hiring purposes since more than 500 million people login in every day. 54% of recruiters use Twitter for their search purposes; it has roughly 165 million users who post 340 million “tweets” a day. Twitter attracts on average one million new users a day. Needless to say, these dynamic platforms provide recruiters with an unprecedented pool of potential candidates.

These social media platforms have become a focal point of interaction and communication. Clearly, they offer significant benefits when used as part of a corporate recruiting strategy.

Corporate recruiters can reach a wider audience, segment candidates geographically and identify key skills. Social Media allows for greater interaction between the hirer and the candidate. It also facilitates sharing of useful and timely information during the hiring process, and allows the recruiter to get to know the potential job-seekers better. A key advantage is that all this can be achieved with relatively low recruiting cost while increasing the employer’s online visibility.

What’s your opinion, or your experience, with social media recruiting? Should company’s stick to the traditional recruitment methods or should they catch the Social Media Fever and start taking steps towards a more avant-garde recruiting process?

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