Experience has taught us that human resources professionals sometimes view financial recruiting firms with a bit of skepticism. Since they already know their organization’s culture, and the relevant managers and personalities, what sense does it make to use an outside team to find new employees?

We can understand that kind of thinking, but feel that it misses the point slightly. That’s because, at Exceleris, we have earned our reputation – and lots of long-term clients – not by working around human resources teams, but by helping them expand their search in new and different ways.

Here are just a few of the things an experienced financial recruiting partner can add to your efforts:

Industry experience and insight. Most of the human resources departments we work with are tasked with filling many different types of positions at every level of an organization. Because they haven’t worked in the finance or accounting fields firsthand, they can sometimes have trouble interpreting requirements, qualifications, and other important criteria.

By lending a bit of our experience and perspective to things, we can often make the process faster and more efficient, all while making them a better match between an opening and candidates.

A deeper network of financial and accounting candidates. Many of the best potential employees are nearly impossible for a human resources professional to find, simply because they aren’t actively looking for another position. They aren’t on sites like monster.com, and won’t send their resumes in response to ads or job postings.

However, because we have an extensive network that includes hundreds of currently employed men and women – the best of the best in their fields – we can help cast a wider net.

An outside perspective. Occasionally, we work with human resources professionals who are having trouble finding a long-term match for a certain opening. There may be issues with the compensation, the job description or posted requirements, or even the interview process that’s taking place. By taking what we know and examining what has happened so far, we can help them make small changes to their approach and find the right professional quickly.