If you are tired of long searches for financial and accounting job candidates, and want to be sure that you hire the man or woman who makes the very best fit, then we have an easy piece of advice: Work with a professional financial recruiting team like the one we have here at Exceleris.

That’s not just a self-serving statement, but a recognition of the fact that we can expand your search to the very best and strongest candidates. That’s because our network, which we’ve built up over decades, extends to lots of professionals who are already employed and aren’t currently looking for work.

Why would you want to try to hire someone who’s already employed? Because it’s usually the fastest path to filling an accounting opening with the right hire. Consider these advantages of already-employed financial candidates:

They tend to be the industry’s best. When layoffs and cutbacks come around, it usually isn’t the financial professionals at the very top of their fields who are suddenly looking for work. Instead, employers hold on to them for as long as they possibly can. So, if you can pull them away from the job they’re already doing, you’ll probably get a team member who’s worth hanging on to for years to come.

They aren’t inclined to exaggerate their qualifications. The financial professionals and executives in our database are already happily employed. While they might listen to the right opportunity if it comes along, they don’t have any reason to make themselves sound more qualified than they are or endanger their career path by trying to be hired for an organization that’s a bad fit.

They have a much stronger sense of their career path. Along the same lines, men and women who already have great financial or accounting jobs tend to know what they’re looking for in the next step. That means that when they join your company, they are much more likely to stay for the long term, rather than simply waiting for something better to come along in the near future.

In the end, successful financial recruiting is all about making the right match between employers and employees. Often, that’s a matter of knowing who the top men and women in the industry are and exploring opportunities with them, rather than sifting through hundreds of resumes in hopes of finding someone who fits your needs.

If you want to work with a Montréal accounting recruitment team who can help you explore all your options, then contact Exceleris today and see what kind of difference we can make in your search for qualified candidates.