At Exceleris, we have learned over the years that a financial job description is a bit like a good recipe: Looking at the contents can give you a sense of the basics, but it is only by going deeper into the process itself that you can truly understand what the end result should look like.

In other words, it’s incredibly important for an accounting recruitment team to understand the details of an opening, not just the basic job description and minimum qualifications.

What sorts of details matter? Here are just a few of the factors we have to consider when making the right match between an employer and a candidate:

The organizational culture. Not every great accounting professional is a perfect fit for every organization. Different companies have different personalities, and making the right fit between them is one of the most important things we can do as a Montréal accounting recruitment team.

The time commitment needed for the position. Some candidates are willing and able to work long hours, spending lots of time at their desks during early mornings, evenings, and even weekends. For others, family commitments and lifestyle preferences make those kinds of sacrifices undesirable, or even impossible. By considering the real needs of the position, and each candidate, in the beginning, a good accounting recruitment team can avoid unnecessary turnover later.

Longer-term career goals and growth potential within the position. Some financial openings are great opportunities in and of themselves, while others serve as gateways to future growth and promotion. Understanding what the organization is looking for, and where a candidate fits in over a longer time horizon, is key.

The importance of salary versus benefits and other compensation. In the same way, compensation can be an important factor for both employers and candidates. A good recruiter will understand the needs of each and only introduce potential employees who fit into the appropriate fee structure and guidelines.

As you can see, the factors that help you find the perfect fit go far beyond previous experience, basic interview questions, or the items you would typically find on an accounting or financial resume. Although it takes time and effort to explore a potential fit in this way, it’s always worth it – it’s the foundation for a long-term placement, lower turnover, and a better relationship between an accounting recruitment team and their client.

Are you getting that level of attention from your recruiting partner?