Guest Post

Customer conversion and generating sales through social media channels is not the slam dunk most business owners think it should be. Your customers ask themselves “Why should I engage with this brand on Facebook?” The reply is usually not “Because I want to buy from them.” Consumers tend to see a brands Social Media avenues as support to their buying decision by providing valuable information pre-purchase & then as customer support post-purchase.

The mistake that brands make is when they try to engage their Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest audience with constant offers to purchase products. For all those out there that say Facebook fans don’t convert my guess it’s because their content didn’t give a compelling call to action or a reason to click, download or buy. You have to give your fans the opportunity & reason to convert. Use the 80/20 rule when it comes to content. That means 80 percent of your content should be on broader topics other than your services or products. Nobody likes repeated, desperate attempts to make a sale. Only 20 percent of content should be self-promotion. Your followers have already clicked “like.” High-five! Your focus must now turn to keeping your fans engaged. That’s not to say that you can’t drive conversions or build a customer base using social media. You must first understand that’s not what customers are turning to many social networks for. If you have the right demographic, message, time & place, you can!