If you managed to come through your Accountancy course with your sanity and good grades to show for it, chances are that your enthusiasm is driving you forward to search for your first job in the sector. To be successful in landing your first placement, you need to stand out from the crowd. It is great that you may have all of the basics: qualifications, a strong work ethic and a readiness to work under minimal supervision, good communication skills to work in a team; however employers are looking for more than these basic skills: (cliché-warning) you need the X-Factor.

The following smart tips are designed to guide you on how to look for a job successfully.

Revamp Your CV
A good CV will make it easy for you to be shortlisted for face-to-face interviews. Due to the fact that potential employers will be spending about 30 to 40 seconds going through your CV, you need to make it more impressive and attractive. It should include your personal details, educational background, key skills, employment background, and achievements. For you to come up with a winning CV, you need to spend enough time and effort on the content and format.

Make Good Use of the Internet
The Internet offers you a very good platform to make yourself known by different potential employers as you continue to look for your dream job. It allows you to create your own accounts on reliable job boards, hold accounting discussions with like-minded individuals through social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, contribute in finance and accountancy forums, create your personal blogs and post your CV on well-recognised sites such as LinkedIn. By having an attractive profile on LinkedIn, your chances of being contacted by potential employers will increase extraordinarily.

Accounting sites such as Accountancy Age and Accounting Web are some of the most reliable and authentic accountancy jobs and recruitment websites that you can ever rely on while looking for a job in bookkeeping, public accounting, management accounting, internal audit accounting, tax accounting or any other accounting job of your choice. Apart from helping numerous local and international companies advertise their different positions on a regular basis, the sites also give you the opportunity to get yourself known by potential employers. They not only allow you to post your accounting blogs and upload your CV, but also advise you on how to become a competent applicant.

Work as a Volunteer
Before you get a permanent accounting job, you can keep yourself busy by working as a volunteer accountant at any of your local charity or non-profit organisation. By working as a volunteer, you will not only be sharpening your skills, but also enable yourself to be recognised and known by people who can employ you in their organisations. You only need to be patient and work to the best of your ability and good things will come your way.

Even though creating a network can be challenging, it is one of the best and most reliable ways through which you can find a good job. The best way to network is by getting in touch with your former schoolmates, talking to your friends, or attending trade shows. As you continue to know and get in touch with more like-minded individuals, the easier it becomes for you to get different recommendations or referrals that can land you the well-paying job you have always wished for.

Author Bio:

Marie Warren is a avid careers adviser and keen blogger who works for an recruitment agency – RecruitmentRevolution.com