It isn’t news that baby boomers are getting older and moving into retirement, but the effects in the job market – and specifically, in the Montréal financial and accounting fields – are still being felt and understood in new ways. The fact that the largest generation in history is taking on different roles, or moving out of them altogether, has important implications for both employers and job seekers.

Since we often work in the middle of these two groups, we may have a different perspective on what an aging baby boom demographic means. Here are some of the conclusions we’ve been coming to:

The Montréal financial and accounting workforce is getting a bit older in general. One way that baby boomers differ from previous generations is that many are choosing to work well into their twilight years. That means that executives at some organizations are a bit older and more experienced than they have traditionally been.

There are more part-time and contract opportunities than ever before. As many boomers look to partial retirement and new challenges, and companies try to get more flexible with their staffing, part-time and contract arrangements are becoming more frequent. These can be wonderful opportunities for both parties, as they typically combine challenging, fast-paced work with time away from the office.

Significant gaps exist in the middle of the employment market. As boomers retire, we are finding that there aren’t always enough qualified candidates to replace them – especially in senior and executive positions. That’s a good thing for the men and women who have the kinds of skills and experience to move up quickly.

Lots of opportunities exist for the right kinds of financial and accounting candidates. One thing we have noticed over the years is that the best financial and accounting professionals always have opportunities in front of them, regardless of whatever else is happening in the economy or job market. That’s one reason we are always trying to get to know more people. You might not be looking for a new position today, but who is to say that something won’t come up in the future that represents the right move at the right time?

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